Day 6 – Xylitol is du-st in the wi-ind…

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

As the kids say, Ola my Nachos Grande!


I'm Hip!

Day 6 was pretty quiet. Didn’t get a run in,  caught up on a little sleep, and the kids wanted a piece of dad most of the day…which is more than ok 😀

After a couple days sugar free, I wasn’t waking up with blocked ears anymore. For the last couple of years, pretty much everyday I’d wake up and it would be like I had water in both of them. Days 3 and 4 that didn’t happen! Now, whether that’s a sugar or gluten thing I’m not sure, as being sugar free had incidently  led to not having any gluten (seeing as my primary sources previously were donuts, burgers and blizzards!). But day 4, I had a couple of slices of Carolyns homemade pizza and my ears were back to being blocked the morning of day 5. Hmmn…


Also happy to say that I’m not craving sugar, for the most part anyways. I originally figured that by this point, they’d find me chained to a slurpee machine somewhere muttering something about the illuminati…but it’s been good! I’m interested to see how the Monday morning weigh in goes, feels like I must have lost at least a little weight, and even though that’s not the main point of this it would be disheartening to not have lost at least a little!

Peace out!!! 😀


Stop...just stop...


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