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For those who have been following the blog since the beginning (aside from you probably being directly related to me), there has been a constant throughout my time as a runner…a horrible, festering (and quite possible molding) constant…my Weslo Cadence Treadmill..or as it became known, the widowmaker (mostly by my knees)

I never really felt like I was getting anywhere…

But it hadn’t always been bad…when we first brought home that treadmill from our Canadian Tire, running on it during the cold winter months (where we were, between Septemeber and June!) was a dream!

And we had the best views out the front window..

But as the years went by, and we moved 2 or 3 (or 5!) times, what had been a dream had become slightly more nightmarish..the motor could no longer keep up, and the belts were constantly slipping. For the first 3 or so minutes, every time you stepped on the belt, it stopped. If you could make it through that without flying off the stupid thing, you could get a decent, albeit hip jarring workout in…..unless you blew the breaker.  Then you got to see one of the laws of physics firsthand (Science!!)

An object in motion tends to stay in motion

So, when my wife and I came into a little it of money recently, we decided it was time to take the plunge and get his and her tattoos! No, no that wasn’t it at all…just wanted to give my mother a heart attack! (Hi Mom!) We picked up a Nordictrack 1750, or the Cloudmaster Unicorn 3000 as I have taken to calling it!

Wood paneling not included…

3.5 CHP (meaning it can haul my big butt comfortably up to 12 MPH without breaking a sweat!), 10 – -3 % incline (meaning it simulates a downhill slope) and iFit live, which has become my new favorite thing! I can draw out a map on google maps, and run it…including seeing street view and the treadmill matches the appropriate incline as well!

Well, ALMOST anywhere..

All in all, it was a hard initial pill to swallow at first (had to beat the single income mindset out of my head) but I’m glad we did this. Running just became a little easier to keep up with on those rainy or snowy days…which is good, because on a side note, my Marathon is on August 19th, right here in Edmonton! Stay tuned….