Day 26 – If a strict religious sect made taffy, would those be Orthodox Chews?

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

At the end of day 26 here, and can’t really say how things have went.  As I look towards the last days here…I kind of wonder if there has been much of a change in my health? Whether the other environmental stresses have more of an effect than the sugar did. I mean there have been some good things that have happened since I gave up the white stuff. My ears have cleared up for the most part (short of a mild ear infection I had after swimming). I have more energy, I think? Also, Baskin Robbins has finally lifted the restraining order they had on me…


Ice Cream addiction affects 80 percent of all Americans. Also 3/4 of all stats are made up on the spot for comedic purposes..

I’ve been surprised by a couple of things that DIDN’T happen however. For one, I’ve still had a hard time losing weight, this however could be because of the high stress job, the travelling out of town, and the other foods I haven’t cut out…gluten, dairy and deep fried butter.


But it’s sugar free!?!?

I also haven’t had my mood even out all of the much…I can be a grumpy son of a gun one minute and overly cheery the next. That again might be more related to stress and work…and JUST maybe my inability to cut down coffee. Just a wee bit related to that, maybe…


Don’t EVER touch my coffee..

In the last few days here, I have to admit I’ve been re-evaluating my career path so far. The job I have has been good to me so far, but it does take me away from home, can have moments of extremely high stress and is not really conducive to regular eating habits. There’s also been another position come up in my webz surfing that has peaked my and Mrs. Shawzbear’s interests…stay tuned for more as it unfolds 😉


You have to work long hours…but the benefits package is second to none…


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