Day 5 – Honey, we shrunk the kids..

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

The best laid plans can take a real *@$ kicking sometimes. The first 3 days had gone fairly well (cutlery shenanigans aside) so I was feeling pretty good going into day 4…and then life happened.


Sure did...

It started with a 4 am phone call..I didn’t know it was a phone call at first, but after unsuccessfully beating up my alarm clock didn’t make the noise go away, I answered the phone. I was getting called out.


I go through more clocks that way...

So by the time I get back and catch another hour sleep, it’s time to go to work…like a zombie. Now normally, when I’m super tired, I’d grab a couple donuts and maybe top off with a chocolate bar in the afternoon. How would the day go now?

Oh, and to top it off, I had to drive to Lloydminister for a 6pm outage, which would bring me home for about 9…which means I’d have to grab some food on the road too. This usually meant Wendy’s or Dairy Queen, which again aren’t world renowned for their sugar free options. So how would it go?

Did I mention I forgot to pack water again?


Going to have to buy ANOTHER table

So 7 hours of OT and a Wendy’s chilli later..and many coffees, I staggered home and into bed.

So did day 5 go better? Meh…started off alright, super tired…went out for a decent lunch, being Friday and all! Got home at a decent time…tired and grumpy but alive. So what was the highlight of Day 5. Left the water…at home..again….


Planning a run tomorrow morning, it will be interesting to see how a longer run goes after being sugar for a week. Join me tomorrow won’t you? 😀


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