Days 13/14/15 – Like icing sugar through the hour glass, so go the days of our lives…

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

wow, it’s um, been 3 days already? Not too sure what happened to make me completely lose track of time…busy with kids? Working copious amounts of overtime?



Anywho, other than sitting on my duff for the last half of it, I was legitimately excited for today’s weigh in. After 4 pounds last week, and cutting out “cheap” carbs (for the most part!) I should be good for a couple more at least! So I practically leapt out of bed this morning, and hoped on the scale. 243.5 lbs. I had lost half a pound. Well, a little lost is better than some gained right? I can hold my head high that I’m getting healthier and..


I’m sorry…what!?!? I haven’t had a sniff of ice cream, doughnuts, candy…for what now? I could be eating ice cream RIGHT NOW!! I could have it in my mouth hole, while shooting whip cream from both hands like a gunslinger….oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



Sigh. So, ice cream driven sadness aside, I’m taking a 4 day road trip for work up North tomorrow. Long hours and 4 days of restaurant food would normally be rough, but seeing no loss on the scale makes me want to fall off the wagon pretty bad. But I’ll take it one day at a time, give it everything I have, give 110 percent…and probably take no wooden nickels too 🙂


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