Day 22 – Or something….I dunno….sugar pun

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

Still waiting for that “Hey I’m free of sugar and now everything is awesome” moment. I’m in the middle of day 23 (I’ve been writing these a day behind) and I’ve got a wicked pounding headache, I’m dizzy, moody, irritable…did I mention irritable ? Great time for everyone in the neighbourhood to start putting up GIGANTIC political party signs on their FREAKING LAWNS…2 months before THE RAZZIN FRAZZIN ELECTION!!!! I MEAN HAS THAT EVER WORKED….HAS ANYONE EVER LOOKED AT SOME RIDICULOUSLY LARGE YARD SIGN AND SAID “Huh, I was going to vote for the other party but that monstrously large sign blocking the sun out has convinced me to vote for that party…because they must be the right choice…because…they have HUMONGOUS SIGNS!!!”


Now either I’m actually just a grumpy old man, or I’m hitting another detox stage…I didn’t just kind of eat sugar before…I was an absolute sugar hound. I love sugar like Dean Martin loved the gin. Like the Oilers love first overall draft picks. Like NFL players like committing violent felonies. Like Joannie loved Chachi…


Sigh…she sure does Ben..

I can honestly say I can make it 7 days here now…a person can do just about anything for a week. But what are the days after that going to be like? I’ve already proven I can’t do “just a little bit” of sugar. I don’t have that kind of personality, anyone who knows me will tell you that. It’s one thing to make grandiose plans, but when you have a job that can go into DEFCON 5 levels of stress in a heart beat…how do you deal with it then? Will I still feel like “I deserve” a blizzard at the end of a stressful day?
I don’t know. Maybe sugar isn’t the only problem here.



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