Day 11/12 – Friggin frackin fructose..

Posted: August 8, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

I need a blizzard…stat.

The last couple of days have been the kind country singers sing about. The kind pessimists don’t think are likely, the kind Maple Leaf fans…well, they might just expect it…

Without getting too technical, I had some horrible days at work. So, this was another big test in the journey here…where I would normally have turned to ice cream, candy and cake. Sweet, sweet cake. Lucious, chocolate cake, dripping with caramel sauce…

and bad puns…i also cope with bad puns

So, the challenge today will be to find something to replace sugar with. Maybe go for a good run, play with the kids a little extra today…maybe try out this meth the kids are all talking about. I had a list of chores that I was going to take care of today, none of which are getting done today…and that’s just going to have to be ok. The best laid plans occasionally go to the wayside…the main thing is to not let my regular coping with sugar instincts take over.

My other coping instincts however….are awesome!


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