Sugar Free Shawz…

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

With my 40th birthday looming in just over a year, I’ve been starting training for my second full length marathon…after the first one darn near killed me a couple of years ago, I promised I’d do just one more for the 40th.  I’ve had a really slow start with the training, little or no energy and zero motivation. Now part of that is to blame on my 3 children, who love nothing more than to use me as a jungle gym…and part is to blame on my side job fighting crime…

My secret weapon is cuddling

But far more important, and hard to accept, is the fact I’m an addict. Not meth, heroin, or Bon Jovi albums…but sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar. I’m a junkie, and Mr Christie is my pusher….

Now, being an addict to the sweet stuff has been made even more comical by the fact that I am surrounded on all sides by health lovely wife has been making healthy, nutritious meals for me all 15 years of our marriage. My sister is a Holistic Nutritionist, one brother in law reviews fitness videos professionally..and my other brother in law is a freaking personal trainer who lost over a hundred pounds by eating a healthy diet and exercise.

So, making a rash weekend decision (the best kind, historically) I’m announcing that starting Monday, this guy is going sugar free for 30 days! 

I originally thought of this, because just maybe all these people who have been doing this for a while and have changed their lives might know what they are talking about..but then I came back to my senses with some ice cream. 
THEN I thought that if I actually went through with this, I’d have some easy blog material and might drum up some views..and make some of that sweet, sweet Google money 😀

So join me, won’t you, for the next 30 days. Because if this fluffy, pale sugar junkie can do it…then maybe we all have some hope. And at the very least, you’ll get some enjoyment out of my misery!


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