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Day 9 has come and gone, not too much to report…still feeling kind of bloated though, especially for someone who’s off sugar..(just call me Windows Vista, zing!) 

That’s right, haterzzz

So imagine my surprise when my favorite nutritionist (who just happens to share a good deal of my genetic traits) wrote an article  that not only addressed those concerns, but gave some valuable insight into what you can do about it. So instead of coming up with another series of sweetener related puns, I thought I’d just post a link to it…(you’re welcome Internet) so please check it out, it’s a great read…and I promise tomorrow I’ll come up with something more entertaining…as soon as I can find something that rhymes with Xylitol!
How I gained 10 pounds adding only these 3 foods to my diet – Jennifer Rimes Holistic Nutritionist


Alright alright alright! 3rd day of the long weekend today…the August long weekend! A day where we celebrate a long history of…the month…of August? Ah, it’s no stupider than Boxing Day πŸ˜‰
It also marks one week since I started, which means it’s time to weigh in! So as I stumbled out of bed, one kid on each leg…I stepped on the scale. 264 lbs, so I’d lost 3 pounds. You know, I’ll take it! Part of me was hoping it would be like biggest loser, where I hop on the scale after a week and drop 30 lbs, which would almost make up for Gilian yelling at me to be do another 30 burpees and then laughing while I puke and cry….But I’d totally be the one who binged in the kitchen after everyone went to sleep…

Sound logic


I also finally got my run in, and you know, it actually went really well. I pulled off 6 miles in just over 60 minutes, which is getting closer to my peak running times. I’ll see how the joints feel in the morning, but for right now I’m pleasantly optimistic πŸ™‚ 
Still doing good with the diet I believe…part of the slower weight loss could also be due to the fact that I haven’t given up higher glycemic carbs (white rice, corn, and the such) the next step would be to lower intake of those…and now that I’ve been doing good with the sugar, that might be something I add next week. I should also probably be cutting down on coffee…

Yeah…that’ll happen…


Ah, I’ll figure it out in the morning…as my good friend says “Procrastination wins again!” Except when it doesn’t…but you probably wouldn’t care then…because you were busy doing….something…else. Hmmn…

As the first week comes to a close here, I have to admit it feels a little anti-climactic..(not, you know, last episode of Lost bad…but still!) Not a lot happened today, Sunday’s are very quiet around the ol’ Shawz house. So, please enjoy these Dad jokes instead of an entertaining article.
β€œWhat time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y.”

 “Why did the chicken coop have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans!”

“Dad, can you put my shoes on? Nah son, they won’t fit me”

“Girlfriend – I’m so sick of you pretending to be a detective, we should split up. Man – you’re right, we can cover more ground them”
Thanks, and try the fish! πŸ˜€

As the kids say, Ola my Nachos Grande!


I'm Hip!

Day 6 was pretty quiet. Didn’t get a run in,  caught up on a little sleep, and the kids wanted a piece of dad most of the day…which is more than ok πŸ˜€

After a couple days sugar free, I wasn’t waking up with blocked ears anymore. For the last couple of years, pretty much everyday I’d wake up and it would be like I had water in both of them. Days 3 and 4 that didn’t happen! Now, whether that’s a sugar or gluten thing I’m not sure, as being sugar free had incidently  led to not having any gluten (seeing as my primary sources previously were donuts, burgers and blizzards!). But day 4, I had a couple of slices of Carolyns homemade pizza and my ears were back to being blocked the morning of day 5. Hmmn…


Also happy to say that I’m not craving sugar, for the most part anyways. I originally figured that by this point, they’d find me chained to a slurpee machine somewhere muttering something about the illuminati…but it’s been good! I’m interested to see how the Monday morning weigh in goes, feels like I must have lost at least a little weight, and even though that’s not the main point of this it would be disheartening to not have lost at least a little!

Peace out!!! πŸ˜€


Stop...just stop...