Day 2 – Beware of trees, they maple a fast one on you

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Shawzs 30 Day Sugar Sacking...

After my sad, sad attempt at exercise yesterday I decided to forgo it this morning and just get a little more sleep. That turned out to be a good choice, as my head was a little bit clearer, and the voices telling me to kill weren’t AS loud…which was good, because the lack of a migraine was about to be the highlight of my day.

Pro tip #1 for anyone aspiring to give up sugar. You’re going to be grouchy. Like, when you get a 12 pack of donuts and they are all honey crueller grouchy! So, you need to keep food nearby to keep your blood sugar up…and if you pack loads of good food to eat so this wont happen and then FORGET TO PACK ANYTHING TO FREAKING EAT IT WITH AND THEN WORK IN AN INDUSTRIAL ZONE ALL DAY WHERE THERE’S NO FAST FOOD PLACES TO GRAB SOME PLASTIC FORKS NOT EVEN AN ARBYS WHERE AT LEAST YOU COULD GET SOME CURLY FRIES TO KEEP THE ANGER AWAY, WHY ARE ALL THE CUSTOMERS SO FREAKING DUMB I DONT KNOW WHY YOUR FIREWALL DOESNT LINK UP MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE IT, TURN IT SIDEWAYS AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR

Ahem. So anyways, make sure to keep blood sugar up kids! Annnd, I may have to look for alternate work.
Anyways, off to bed…going to try another run tomorrow morning. Going to try a banana this time before running, evidently thats what people used to use before Red Bull was invented. Savages!


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