Marathon Part 2…or (The Gimp Knees Strike back)

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Running

First off, if you got the Star Wars reference…congratulations!  You are my kind of people….


After the success of the half marathon last year (meaning A – Ran the race and lived to tell it and B – My wife didn’t pack up the kids and leave me) I decided to push the envelope, ride the Highway to the danger zone and gleam the cube….and signed up for a full marathon right here in Edmonton.  Aug 19th, 2012 I will line up with hundreds of people, wearing very fashionable and functional clothing, most likely not bearing the name of an 80’s heavy metal band and attempt to not make a fool of myself yet again!


So as all my loyal followers of the blog no doubt remember (Hi Jen!), last year I attempted to record for posterity (and my eulogy) the training ups and downs of my quest to go from couch potato to real type runner…with abs you could grate cheese on.  Well that never happened, but I did go from gasping for breath opening a bag of Cheetos to someone who could run 13.1 miles in just the span of 6 months.  Along the way I hope I inspired other pasty 30 somethings to try running out…and not just because I own stock in a company that manufactures artificial knees…


So welcome back, and I hope you find some enjoyment at my expense…


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