It can’t be here already, can it??!!

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Running

Greeting Fattyholics!  It’s been a busy couple of months, I’ve been making some really great headway with the running (the diet…not so much?)  I’ve been faithfully posting to Facebook and have really been getting a lot of support, which has been awesome!

This Sunday is the big race, the big enchilada, the whole taco, the big…delicious…fluffy…wonderbread….


Pre race hunger aside, things have been going well the last few months.  I ran my first 13 mile run on May 23rd in 2 hours 27 minutes!  I’ve been following a run schedule I made up at Runners World website, and have just set my personal best last weekend, at 2 hours 12 minutes.  If I can make it under 2 hours 10 minutes on Sunday, that would put me at 6 miles an hour average, which has been my mental hurdle this whole time.  Well that and pastries…sweet delicious..

I’d like to thank my lovely family again, they have all been extremely patient and support and I couldn’t have ever got to this point without them 🙂 

And hey, this Sunday I’ll be wearing one of those (much less than, trust me) 100 dollars sausage shirts that I was so against before!  And if I don’t mind saying myself, I even look a little bit like a runner too!

Well, I did say a little ; )

Thanks everyone!  I’ll be posting more updates on the road here, including some action shots of the race! (And the finish line Gluten-rich celebratory supper!)


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