Homeless man jogging….

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Running

Well, I know its been a while since the last update and I’d like to say its been because I’m really a very busy gent what with all of the charity work and saving the people of Edmonton with my part time crime fighting gig….but that would be lying to you!  And I would never do anything to break that trust we have dear reader (come here and give me a hug, you big lug!)

The running has been going great (just completed a 10 mile run today!).  I’ve only had two hurdles so far… figuring out how to treat these darned chapped nipples (aren’t you glad we’re getting to know each other better!) and the fact that my jogging wardrobe consists of t-shirts I wore back in high school.  When I’m out jogging in my sweat shorts and my Journey concert T-shirt I feel the sad stares of those I go by, thinking to themselves “So sad he can’t get a job but at least he keeps busy!”

Fashion faux-paus aside, Prism t-shirts are not comfortable.  Which leads to the other problem…(please see above)  So… I’ve been looking at Sport-Check catalogs trying to figure out what appropriate jogging fashion entails. So far as I can tell, it involves spandex….and lots of it.  Great.  So for only a hundred dollars or so I could wear an aerodynamic, sweat wicking, sausage casing…

So, fashion be darned.  I’m going to go with my “More Cowbell” T-shirt….and maybe a box of band-aids for the other problem.  ; )


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