It’s cold out there!

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Running

Ventured off of the treadmill this week and decided that even though Edmonton is just a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle that I should get used to running outside.  So I piled on my t-shirt and shorts and then went outside…for approximately 1/10 of 1 second.  During that brief but memorable time I realized just how cold -3 is and that my non-teenage metabolism wasnt able to compensate for being that stupid anymore.  So 2 more shirts and a pair of beat up sweatpants later, I was ready to go.  As an added bonus, since I now looked like a homeless person, I was less likely to get stopped and mugged…although 3 people DID stop to give me change..

It’s been an overall great experience running outside, it’s nice breathing the fresh air in (unless the Esso refinery is flaring that day!) and to see the sun come up.  There is a municipal park down in the river valley here that has some great trails that I have been taking advantage of, and other joggers do seem to be a generally friendly people as a whole.  And as an added bonus, the municipal water treatment center is down there, so I have extra incentive to keep moving too..

Really starting to feel good after every run though, actually looking forward to them too.  If you’d like to track my runs (and not just to keep me honest!) you can add me as a friend  on my Facebook page!/profile.php?id=668411055 where I post my runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then my longer one on Saturday mornings (Or remove one day if you are my Russian follower! Здравствуйте!) I’ve been using my Nike + app on my iPod to track my runs which I had not been able to do with the treadmill, seeing as you are doing more hopping then actual running, the readings were all really off….(that’s my excuse and I will be sticking with it)

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to ice my shins… ; )


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