Life Catches Up….(Or How Fatty Learned to Just Relax)

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Running

It’s funny how life works….it’s very easy to keep to keep up something when life is like a mid 80’s after school special……I come home from work, the kids in their uniforms singing Mary Poppins songs, while a gourmet 3 course meal is waiting.  Then my 2.5 children all line up neatly, to go to bed at 7, to get a good 14 hours of non-interrupted sleep, whilst I train…

Uh huh.

Disney never accounted for teething, potty training, giraffe tossing, drop kicking, tantruming, screaming or trying for an hour to convince your daughter that green beans ARE indeed food…

So instead of being relaxed and looking forward to the run, I am one runny nose away from the Fudgee-O’s…I finally tuck my eldest into bed, wondering how I’m going to drag my pear shaped mass to the treadmill, when all I want to do now is pass out and consume roughly 1 cubic yard of Cheetos. She sits up, gives me a big hug and says “Dad, I love you…you’re awesome!)”

That’s how….


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