Day 1….(Or fatty has chest pain)

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Running

Decided to clear all of the clothes of the old treadmill and start off with some intervals today…now for those of you who are reading (Hi Jen!) who aren’t familiar with interval training here is my experience with it:

1st minute – fast walk (hmmn, not soo bad maybe I can do this after all. I can keep this up if only..)
2nd minute – 7mph (One minute of me making face like trying to pass watermelon through colon)
3rd minute – fast walk again (Sweet mother of pearl, why does my chest feel like that…I don’t think I can..)
5th minute – fast-ish stumbling (Dry heaving, followed by hallucinations and empty promises of what I’ll do if somehow God can get me through this)

And so on for 30 minutes…after 30 minutes you hit that runners high you hear so much about!  No, no that never happened…  I’m pretty sure that whole idea is a lie made up by the producers of sport drinks with the words EXTREME…and INSANITY in them.

No, what DID happen though was me making it through…alive.  And I think that’s a pretty good start, all things considered.

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